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The end of the day was drawing near and the sun was beginning to set so nightfall would soon be upon the Strawhats and all the supposed danger that came with it. But with the crew still seperated preparing for the approaching danger wouldn't be easy. As of now Franky and Brook were traversing the forest section of the island. After learning of their change in size the duo had set off in search of their friends.

"They've gotta be around here somewhere. I'd personally like to find a way to get big again." Franky muttered.

"I just hope the others are alright. I'd hate to imagine what trouble they could be in." Brook worried. When all of a sudden a very strange noise filled the air. Blip-Blup! Blip-Blup! Blip-Blup! Blip-Blup! The duo raised their eyebrows as they followed the noise before their eyes widened when they saw the source of it behind a tree stump. It appeared to be a giant cyborg goldfish...with legs, two chimney-like antenna on it's back and a windshield covering its face and as it waddled around on its gangly legs puffs of steam billowed from the antenna which made the Blip-Blup sound they'd been hearing.

"...Ok, am I the only one tripping here?" Franky asked to which Brook shook his head.

"Apparently not. I know this is the New World and all, but this? I don't even know where to begin." the robofish continued to strut around the claring before it spotted the pirates. Its lense covered eyes focused on the pair before a latch opened up on the metallic lower half of its body as a funnel shaped proboscis popped out of the opening and aimed upward until...PWOOF! WHEEEEEOOOOOO! Franky and Brook barely had time to dodge as a cluster of mortar rounds were launched from the moutpiece explodign on impact with the ground.

"HOLY CRAP! What kind of freak of nature is this?!" Franky shouted as he ducked for cover.

"MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!" Brook screamed in equal shock. He quickly got to hsi feet and charged at the monster with his hand on hsi sword. "En garde, you abormal aquatic abomination!" SHFF! In a flash Brook sped passed the creature but before it could turn around to face him the skeleton began to sheath his sword. "Three verse humming...arrow notch slash!" SKISH!! A spray of blood brust from the monster as it fell to its knees in shock from the surprise attack giving Franky time grab ahold of its nose cannon with a strong right.

"When I'm done with you, I'm gonna have Sanji batter and fry you for dinner!" he then swung his arm with an adrenalien fueled roar as he began to slam the fish back and forth on his chain smashing it into the ground multiple times before he retracted his hand and then aimed them both at the dazed creature.

"Suck it, goldie! Radical beam!" PEW! KABOOM!! The robofish was engulfed in a trmedous explosion as the laser struck it right bewteen the eyes and when the smoke cleared the duo saw the creature laying in a charred heap. The cyborg chortled with a smug grin. "What a letdown."

"A bizzare but overall weak monster. Oh well." Brook shrugged, but just as they were beginning to leave a sputtering clanking noise sounded behind them.

"...No way..." Franky gaped as they turned around to see the robofish standign back up and it appeared to be repairing its injuries before in a matter of seconds it was good as new and glaring at its opponents.

"...How?" Brook murmued. "What kind of beast heals from injuries of such magnitude?!"

"A beast like this one." Franky muttered. "Looks like we're in a bit of trouble, Bones. Sure wish I had the General with me for this fight." the robofish let out a metallic garble as it prepared to attack but just before it was about to charge...

"HEY!!" everyone looked up to see someone standing high up on the branch of a tree. "If you wanna cook a fish properly a good way is to flash fry it on high heat." Franky raised his shades as a large open smile graced his features while Brook felt a joyous cheer building up inside him. The figure then leapt from the branch and began to dive down towards the fish, rolling over and over as they fell before a ring of fire began to encircle them. The robofish's eyes widened in horror before it was kicked into the ground by a flaming boot belonging to none other than Sanji.

"FLAMING CONCASSE!!" he shouted as the beast collapsed once more.

"Sanji!" Brook cheered.

"man it's great to see ya, Bro!" Franky grinned.

"Likewise." Sanji smiled. "Though I'd have preferred it to be one of the girls." he added in thought as he kicked the robofish's corpse. "So it seems this crappy fishbot can regenrate itself."

"Yes quite a troublesome ability for us." Brook muttered while Franky rubbed his chin in thought as he perused the monster's structure before he grinned.

"Lightbulb." his nipple lights turned on as he spoke to which the other men cringed. "Looks like I get to use my upcycling skills from Strong World again."


"Man Nami is gonna have her work cut out for her recording an island like this." Chopper said to himself as he lead his battalion of yellow pikmin. Having made their way out of the forest the group had wondered into the snowy region of the island but were still short on finding anymore of the crew.

"One minute it's sunny and the next it's snowing. Just how does and island this random come to be?" Chopper asked himself when he suddenly stopped and sniffed the air as his nose had managed to catch a faint but familiar scent. "...Blizzard...I smell Blizzard!" the pikmin looked around confused before he added "No not the weather, he's my friend, he's been through here and the trails not too old! He must be nearby!" Chopper said ecstatic before he ran off in search with his army hurryign after. They followed the trail for about a mile before they arrived at the mouth of a cave where the scent had grown stronger.

"He must have ran in there to take shelter." Chopper assumed before he blew his whistle brining the pikmin to attention. "Come on everyone, I'm gonna need your help to find him" the pikmin nodded before the little reindeer lead them forward as they entered the cave. As the journeyed onward in the dark with the occasional glowing mushroom lighting their way Chopper continued to sniff out Blizzard's scent hoping to find the wolfdog sooner rather than later when all of a sudden the group felt something swoop over them as a small gust blew threw their fur/stems and for a split second the scent was at its strongest.

"Blizzard?" Chopper called as he looked around for the source when out of the corner of his eye he spotted something sparking in the distance. As they drew closer he saw that it appeared to be a pair of broken wires though they still appeared to be active which was causing the sparks. "What are wires doing underground?" Chopper scratched his chin when he felt a tap on his side and looked to see the leader of the yellow pikmin, whom he'd named Rob, pointing at the wires and then to himself.

"You want me to throw you there?! Those are live wires you could be hurt or worse!" Rob shook his head at Chopper's warning as his comrades jumped up and down squeaking insistently. Left with no better options, Chopper whistled the group together before grasping one by the stem and threw them at one of the wires which the pikmin then grabbed hold of causing them to glow like a christmas light.

"You're immune to electricity." Chopper realised in wonder before he tossed more pikmin to the first one causing them all to join hands until they reached the other wire end forming a pikmin circuit. As soon as the chain was complete the electricity flowed through them and a second later a nearby lightbulb activated illuminating a section of the cave. But that wasn't all that happened as an echoed abnormal cry filled the air. Chopper looked up in suprise and gasped to see a large object was starting to come into view as though it had previosuly been invisible. It appeared to be a large, bioluminescent moth-like creature with massive orange wings, yellow eyes, small stumpy limbs, and a large gaping whale-like mouth. The top of its body was coated in a layer of fuzzy black fur and a cluster of antenna sported its scalp, the tip of each one giving off a bright purple glow.

"What...what is that thing?" Chopper stared at the creature as it flapped around in what appeared to be a state of panic but the reindeer didn't seem to notice as he was distracted by something that sent a chill down his spine. The scent of Blizzard was now at its strongest...but the trail also ended at the giant moth beast itself. Whatever this monster was it was clear Blizzard had also encountered it.

"I can smell him. Blizzard must have fought this thing! Where is he?! What have you done with Blizzard?!" Chopper demanded as though the moth would answer him only for it to fly off to a darker section of the cave. "Get back here you fat butterfly! Tell me where Blizzard is!" Chopper shouted as he chased after it, leaving his Pikmin behind somewhat puzzled by his behaviour. The little yellow minions busied amongst themselves for a moment before they heard a gravely sound nearby until they spotted several pairs of eyes looking at them in the distance causing them as they chirped in surprise.


Meanwhile, back in the forest, Zoro and Robin were searching for the rest of the crewm the latter occasionally looking at the sky to see how closer the sun was to going down knowing of the danger that would soon follow.

"Any sight of them?" Zoro asked as Robin uncrossed her arms having sprouted several eyes around the area to widen her search. She sighed.

"No unfortunately. And we're running out of time." Zoro frowned at the worried state of his girlfriend.

"It's not often I see you this concerned. Whatever's going to wake up come sunset it really be dangerous if it's got you worried."

"If it were only one creature I wouldn't be, but this is an entire island. It'll be Strong World all over again." Robin answered as they carried on before they heard an unusual sound approaching from the west. It sunded like a mix between a revving engine and suction cups.

"What the hell is that noise?" Zoro asked before a section of the nearby rock he was leaning against exploded and two glowing lights appeared amongst the dust cloud caused by the blast.

"YOW! Now this is what I call a wild ride!" a familiar voice spoke. Robin chuckled not needing to answer to it before Franky emerge from the cloud...only he was riding atop the cyborg goldfish which had now been equiped with caterpillar tracks made of from vines and bark and a strange guard had been placed over its cannon preventing it from blasting its rider, or riders as Franky wasn't alone because accompanying him were Brook and Sanji.

"I still don't see the point of all this." the cook muttered. "We could've easily walked."

"Hey the door's there if you wanna use it, bro." Franky snorted. "I for one am worn out and could use some transport so enjoy the ride or don't."

"I concur." Brook agreed. "It certainly beats being followed by this creature after it regenrates again. Better to simply repurpose it to imrpove our journey in search of the others."

"Thank you." Franky grinned. "I call this one the Koi Kart!"

"Ah I get it. A homage to the fish and transport." Robin analysed the simple name.

"Yeah that's right, Robin." Franky nodded before he brought the living vehicle to a stop as he, Brook and Sanji noticed her in suprise.

"ROBIN~!!" Sanji swooned naturally as he dismounted the Koi Kart. "Thank the heavens you're safe! I feared for what might have become of you since we were reduced to this tiny size!"

"Hmhm well thank you for your concern, Sanji." Robin chuckled as the lovestruck cook sighed blissfully in reponse before he spotted Zoro and his expression instantly lost all emotion.

"Oh. You're still alive." they both addressed each other dully.

"Sanji is right though. I'm so glad you're both alright. This island is inside out, upside down and every other way. I feared I might lose my head, in more ways than one, YOHOHOHOHOHO!" Brook laughed along with Franky.

"SUPER! That's half the crew back together! Now we just gotta find the others! Climb aboard you two, there's plenty of room!"

"Thanks. I really outta rest my leg until we find Chopper." Zoro said as he, Robin and Sanji boarded the Koi Kart.

"You lead the way, Robin! I feel you have a better heading in mind than me." Franky suggested.

"I think it best we try and find the campsite. I'm sure the others are headed there as well."

"Sounds like the best place to start." Sanji nodded.

"But we have to find the others quickly. Before sundown." Robin added.

"Why? What happens come sundown?" Brook asked.

"I'll explain later. But for now we make for the camp and hope the others are there." Robin replied. Deciding to take the archaeologist's word for it Franky started up the Koi Kart again as the group headed off in search of the camp, Robin leading the way as she consulted one of the maps from the bunker.

"I must say, Franky, that's quite a fine specimen you've rangled." she commented on the Koi Kart. "According to the encyclopedia I discovered it's known as a Gatling Groink." Franky raised an eyebrow at the mention of he creature's name.

"I think I prefer Koi Kart. I get the gatling part but what the hell is a groink?" Robin chuckled.

"Your guess is as good as mine on that one. That way." she added after glancing at the map as they soon found their path blocked by a wall of four tall trees. They had a waxy red and yellow colouring but their tops seemed to be hidden amongst the other plants above.

"I got this." Zoro muttered as he drew his swords and advanced towards the cluster of trees but just as he was about to strike...the trees began to move, upwards until one of them completely uprooted itself only it had a rounded base with no roots at all.

"What the hell...?" Zoro murmured before the other three 'trees' began to rise out of the ground as well and advance towards the group pushing the other plants aside before, towering above the group was gigantic insect. It looked almost like a daddy long leg spider only with four legs instead of eight and the spherical body to which its long apendages were attached had no facial features whatsoever. It was like a marble on two pairs of stilts. None of the Straw Hats knew what to make of the half-arachnid, whether it knew they were there or even if it could see them but they didn't have time to think about it as the bug began to step towards them, raising its giant feet over them.

"FRANKY!!" Sanji broke the silence as the cyborg shook his head and revved the gatling groink causing it to speed forward as it swerved in and out of the insects giant legs which threatened to flatten them all into pancakes.

"Watch out!" Franky shouted as they dodged the bug's stomping feet. Robin hurriedly crossed her arms in the moment before two giant arms sprouted beneath the insect.

"Gigantesco mano: Push!" THOOM! With that the hands shoved the creature away from the group sending it tumbling away as it wildly scrambled to get back to its feet before scuttling away. "That ought to clear the way." Robin said once it was gone.

"This island." Sanji muttered exasperated. "Being this small it's gonna be the death of us at this rate." Zoro smirked.

"Pansy." he mumured.


"Enough." Robin shushed them both. "Let's just keep moving, hopefully without running into anymore insects."


Back in the cave Chopper had lost sight of the monster with Blizzard's scent on it. He'd been tracking it deeper into the cave when the trail had suddenyl gone cold and it was so dark he could hardly see even with the glowing mushrooms for shelter. The little reindeer looked around frantically as he tried to find the insect when he felt a small breeze on his fur making him wheel round, slightly panicked.

"Where are you?! Show yourself!" but then, the wind began to pick up, growing stronger as it began to push Chopper forward. He looked around frantically for the cause before he gasped as the moth appeared right in front of him as though it had been camouflaged and its gaping mouth appeared to be causing a powerful vaccum to draw Chopper in.

"OH CRAP! IT'S PULLING ME IN!!" he thought as he found himself running on the spot as he tried to outrun the vacuum but to no avail. But that was when he got an idea. "Let's see you swallow this! Guard point!" PWOOF! The doctor expanded into his giant fluffy form as he was pulled into the mouth of the monster before the winged beast found its gob plugged by the enormous furball causing it to choke.

"What's the matter? Hair in your throat?" Chopper grinned before he switched to kung fu point and flipped onto the creature's head and aimed his hoof. "Cloven...ROSEO!" BAM! He sharply thrust his iron hoof between the monster's eyes forcing an echoed cry to escape it's throat as it began to flap its wings violently as Chopper fell off its head. When suddenly, he sniffed the air before he noticed something purple floating down towards him from the moth's wings which made him gasp in horror.

"Poison!" he yelped as he scurried away from the area as the moth continued to beat clowds of spores from its wings before it let out a furious roar. And not long after it had Chopper noticed several egg shaped pods began to sprout out of the ground around him. "What the..?" the pods began to swell and pulse akin to beating hearts before Pop! Out of the pod came a baby version of the moth monster about the size of Chopper's brain point...then another...and another...then two dozen more! Chopper looked this way and that as the pods continued to birth more and more moth balls as they began to swarm around him, hissing and snapping at his feet.

"Dammit! I'm trapped! There's too many of them and I can't go monster point in here, the cave could collapse on top of me! What do I do?!" he thought as he swatted wildly at the creatures. But just as they began to smother him, SHEEEEEEEN!!! The whole cave was suddenly engulfed in a blazing light earning an ensemble of screams from the moth and the babies as the majority of them burst into piles of ash while the remainder ran for cover and the pods retracted back into the ground.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Chopper squinted as he looked up to see where the light was coming from before he saw it...a enourmous lightbulb was dangling from the ceiling of the cave, glowing brilliantly while the giant moth flopped about on the ground as ti tried to recover from the shock. "But how? Who turned on the light?!" WHOO! Chopper looked up to see Rob along with the other yellow pikmin waving at him. They were standing next to a giant circuit box and many of them had formed human, or rather pikmin, chains to reconnect the wires.

"Guys, you saved me!" Chopper cheered, but there was no time to celebrate as the moth was starting to take flight again. "Oh no you don't!"Chopper ran at the insect and grabbed onto one of its legs to weight it down as it tried to shake him off. Rob then palced his leaf over his 'mouth' and blew on it like a war trumpet before pointing to the moth before, of all things, the rock pikmin came charging in as they began to jump over the ledge they were standing on and rained down on the moth's back pummeling it immensely. The giant insect spluttered and buzzed as it tried to stay aloft before Chopper reeled back his fist.

"Time for you to take a nap! Heavy GONG!" POW! His fist connected with the moth's belly sending it flying straight up and hitting the ceiling of the cave before it came crashing back down with a splat as a bulge formed in its throat. PLAGH! With a strangled cough the beast spat something hairy and white out of its mouth before finally collapsing out cold. Chopper looked at the white shape before he gasped in horror when he realized what it was.

"BLIZZARD!!" he screamed as he ran over to his brother figure. Blizzard appeared to be unscathed but he was covered in body fluids and he wasn't moving. "Blizzard...Blizzard no! Blizzard wake up!" Chopped panicked when he felt no pulse and began to pound the wolf dog's chest as he tried to get his heart beating. The litte reindeer began to feel tears prick hsi eyes as his efforts didn't appear to be working before he felt his pikmin beside him. Rob ushered him aside before he instructed two of his comrade's to stand on either side of him in front of Blizzard as they began to rub their hands together until sparks formed. Chopper's eyes widened at what they were doing before the yellow pikmin pressed their palms against chest sending a jolt of electricty through his body. Knowin what to do Chopepr began pressing on his heart again as the pikmin continued to administer volts.

"Come on, Blizzard! Come on buddy!" he whispered as they kept going before one of the rock pikmin leapt into the air and landed right on the wolf dog's gut.

"*GAAAAAAAAAAASP!!*" Blizzard's eyes snapped open as he sat upright from the shock. "Wait-what-where-how-who...huh...what happened?" he panted as he began to calm down before he was tackled back to the ground by Chopper.

"BLIZZAAAAAAAAARD!!!" he cried as the wolf dog looked at his little brother's tear and snot covered face. "DON'T YOU SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN YOU BASTARD!!"

"Chopper?!" Blizzard said in equal shock as he returned the reindeer's hug. "When did you get here?! What's going on, where's the..." he looked to see the unconcious moth monster a few feet away and then the crowd of rock and yellow pikmin who were cheering and jumping up and down. "You saved me."

"We saved you." Chopper emphasised. "And you were dead for a moment there if it hadn't been for Rob and his friends!" the yellow pikmin waved at Blizzard who licked him thankfully only to flinch at the small spark left in the pikmin's body befor ehe turned to the rock pikmin.

"Glad to see you lot are okay."

"How the hell did you end up in that monster's stomach?! And how were you not digested?!" Chopper asked.

"It must have been my haki. I coated my whole body in it just before it swallowed me. It wouldn't have lasted forever though. I owe you all big time." Chopper sighed with relief.

"Thank goodness. Let's just get out of this stupid cave and find the others."

"Agreed. Here, ride on my back, I think you could use a rest." Blizzard offered.

"Are you sure you can walk?"

"I never thought I'd say this, but all I need is a bath. I'd rather not go on smelling of moth guts." Chopper sniggered as he climbed aboard.

"Well now that we're back together it'll be much easier finding the others with both our noses available." he said as they headed for the exit with pikmin close behind.


They eventually left the cave and carried through the small tundra until they found themselves at the forest part of the island.

"If I recall correctly, we set up camp in the forest didn't we?" Blizzard checked with Chopper who nodded.

"Yes, if we try and find the camp I'll bet the others will be trying to get there too." But as they made their way through the forest they stopped when they heard a rumbling coming towards them. It sounded like a stampede. As the pair of Straw Hats and their pikmin heard the sound grow louder they began to make out the sound of...a child's laughter?

"WHEEEE!! Faster, Spot, faster!"

"I know that voice!" Chopper beamed before out of the foliage came a bipedal red and white-spotted monster as tall as Blizzard. The pikmin and Chopper squeaked in alarm while Blizzard stood his ground and snarled at the beast which reared back in fright like a horse.

"Whoa-whoa, steady, Spot what's the matter?!" the Straw Hats looked up to see someone peering between the creature's eye stalks who gasped when they saw them.

"BLIZZARD! CHOPPER!" Aika cried joyfully as she slid down the beasts snout and ran to hug her friends. "Luffy, Nami! I found Chopper and Blizzard!" no sooner had she called them, the captain and navigator came running in as well closely followed by three more of the strange creatures; a long snouted one, hairy white one and an orange one. And riding atop their backs were clusters of blue and pink pikmin who chirped in surprise when they saw the yellow and rock pikmin who themselves were even more shocked by the sight of their comrades riding their natural predators.

"Blizzard!" Luffy cheered as he hugged his loyal hound who in turn licked his face. "Boy am I glad to see you!"

"And Chopper, thank goodness!" Nami hugged the little doctor in relief.

"It's great to see you too, Nami." he smiled. Blizzard's ears pricked up when he heard a yapping and looked to see Kumi sitting on top of the monster named Spot. The puppy jumped down and ran to the older dog who nuzzled her, happy to see she was safe.

"I'm glad you're alright. I was worried about you." he said.

"I'm ok, I had Aika to back me up. Plus we made soem new friends." Kumi looked at the Pikmin whoere conversing with each other.

"As did we. It seems these little plant people are as easy to befriend as Luffy. Though I'm more suprised by those four. Just what are they?"

"Oh they're me and Nami's kids!" Luffy grinned proudly as he hugged Spot. "I'd like you to meet Spot, Noodle, Fluffy and Terry." he introduced the red, long-snouted, white and orange creatures. "Kids this is your Uncle Blizzard and Chopper." the wolfdog and reidneer had their jaws hanging after Luffy said 'me and Nami's kids' while Nami herself waved her hands frantically.

"They're not our kids! They were a bunch of cocoons Luffy mistook for nuts and they imprinted on us when they hatched." she noted their enlarged size with a puzzled look. "Though they're growing up like weeds. They were no bigger than Chopper a few hours ago and now they're tall as Blizzard."

"Man this island really is something." Chopper mumured. "And hey you guys met some of those little plant people too! Only they're blue and pink."

"Yeah and yours look like yellow elves and rocks. These are the strangest fairies ever." Aika commented while petting and yellow and rock pikmin curiously.

"Well now that we've found you boys we're one step closer to finding the others too." Nami said determined. "The camp shouldn't be much futher."

"With you leading the way we're bound to find it soon." Chopper smiled. "I just hope Zoro's not alone or we'll never find him."

"Let's hope so." Nami muttered before the expanded group carried on, relieved to have found each other.


We then cut to the original campsite where we see Usopp has managed to trace his way back to, his battalion of red pikmin marching behind him.

"Finally! Looks like I'm the first one back. Honestly I'd have thought it would be Nami or Robin. God help Zoro if he's alone though." the sniper sighed as he sat down to rest from all the walking as the red pikmin joined him. "Good job, troops. Those monsters didn't stand a chance against Captain Usopp and his minions!" WOOOO! The pikmin cheered as the sniper grinned smugly from their praise when he ehard a rustling and leapt to his feet in a karate stance.

"Who's there?! I'm warning you! I have an army of one hundred red men at my command!"

"Funny. We've got four hundred yellow, blue, pink and obsidian men under out lead, Usopp." a woman's sassy voice reached his ears before the four large beasts emerged from the foliage carrying Nami, Luffy, Aika and Kumi on their backs while Blizzard walked alongside them with Chopper on his back and following them was their own pikmin army.

"GUYS!!" Usopp squawked in a misture of joy and shock. "What the hell are you riding on?!"

"Nice to see you too." Luffy chuckled before the red pikmin stood between them and Usopp humming angrily at the Spot and his siblings, though the other pikmin stopped them as they ebgan to explain the situation in their language.

"Long story short, Luffy found some monster eggs and now they follow us everywhere." Nami said as she pet Fluffy who nuzzled her 'Mother' affectionately. Moments later a stange mechanical noise filled the campsite and son after the gatling groink kart came riding in carring Zoro, Robin, Sanji, Franky and Brook.

"Aunt Robin!" Aika waved.

"NAMI~!!" Sanji cheered overjoyed to see her and Aika safe.

"ALRIGHT! WE'RE ALL TOGETHER AGAIN! SUPER!" Franky cheered with his signature pose.

"My it appears you lot have made quite a few wild friends yoruselves." Robin commented on the pikmin platoon and the four hatlings as she skimmed through one of Olimar's journals. "If I'm correct, those four adorable monsters are bulborbs.

"Bulborbs?" Luffy echoed.

"Yes. A red bulborb, ornage bulborb, hairy bulborb and whiptongue bulborb."

"So that's what you guys are called. I still like the names we gave you better though, right Spot?" Luffy grinned as the now identified red bulborb licked his 'Father' lovingly.

"As for our little friends here, they're known as Pikmin: red, yellow, blue, winged and rock so far. Sentient plant based lifeforms." Aika frowned at Robin's description.

"You mean they're not fairies after all?" she whined whilst hugging Rob who patted her head attempting comfort.

"You're welcome to call them whatever you like, sweetheart." Nami smiled.

"I'm just glad that not everythign on this island is out to kill us." Usopp sighed in relief to which Robin grimaced slightly.

"Well it's funny you should say that." she began as she noticed the sun was almost down. "We actually need to get out of here now, it isn't safe."

"What do you mean?" Chopper asked. "Sure there are wild animals but with the pikmin and our four bulborbs back us up we'll be fine." but just then the pikmin all froze, their stems strightened and their leaves glowed with a pulsing light as they hummed in a united drone.

"Uh...minions?" Usopp snapped his fingers but gained no response when a sputtering sound echoed from above the canopy before down came a large onion, similar to one Chopepr had found only it wasn't just yellow but a marbled mesh of all the accounted pikmin's colours.

"What the heck is that?!" Zoro stared.

"It's known as an onion. The mothership of the pikmin species." Robin identified it as the little plant people gathered around the tripod as it landed daintily before they began to rhythmically climb up its legs and into the round body, despite its small size it somehow seemed to be containing the hundreds of pikmin crawling into it.

"Guys! What are you doing?!" Chopper asked before all the pikmin were inside the onion which retracted its legs and took off into the air leaving the crew and bulborbs behind. "What's going on?! Why's it taking Rob and the others away?!"

"They're retreating." Robin identified as the onion disappeared above the treetops while she pulled out one of the books and flipped a few pages. "Olimar mentioned this in his journals. The Pikmin are instinctively drawn to the onion to seek shelter. They may be strong in numbers but they're fragile creatures, easily killed. The onion's flight is their only means of escape."

"Espape?...Escape from what~?!" Usopp whimpered before a collection of yanws and growls sounded from all around the clearing, causing Kumi and Bulborbs to whine in fear as they hid behind Luffy, Nami and Aika.

"Everything..." Robin answered darkly as glowing eyes appeared from sides and countless noises began to grow. Whatever was out there it was now awake, and hungry for breakfast.

To be continued...
One Piece! The Wonders of Pikmin Island! Ch.5
First of all, I would like to apologise for the long and difficult hiatus I've put you all through with this story. A cluster of problems including other stories, procrastination, real life tasks and a whole load of writer's block put this crossover on hold but I'm happy to declare it's back with a vengeance. So to all those who've had the patience to wait and hold on I thank you greatly for your loyalty and dedication and once more I am truly sorry fro the wait. Please enjoy.

One Piece belongs to Oda

Blizzard, Aika and Kumi belong to :iconxfangheartx:

Pikmin belongs to Nintendo


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Designing (the subject I'm studying at college)
Art (both on and off Deviantart)

My least favourite things are:

Bullies :iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz: I'll send them all flying

People who treat animals as a lower species (poachers, animal abusers, experimentalists ect.)
Impostors (after what happened to my good friend :iconxfangheartx:

My favourite animes are:
Soul Eater :iconmakaplz::iconsoulsmirkplz::iconcronahugplz::iconhappyragnarokplz::iconbstarnowantplz::icontsubakiplz::iconpweaseplz::iconsillypattyplz::iconlizthompsonplz::iconshinigamiwhutplz::iconsteinhugsplz::iconexcaliburfoolplz:

One Piece :iconnwluffyplz::iconnwzoroplz::iconnwnamiplz::iconnwusoppplz::iconnwsanjiplz::iconnwchopperplz::iconnwrobinplz::iconnwfrankyplz::iconnwbrookplz:
Fma brotherhood :iconedplz::iconalphonseelric-plz::iconangrywinryplz::iconroylovesdogsplz::iconlingreedplz::iconenvyplz:

Fairy Tail :iconnatsuplz::iconhappy-aiplz::iconlucyheartphiliaplz::icongray-fullbusterplz::iconerzaplz::iconwendymarvell2plz::icongajeelplz:



My favourite anime pairings are:

Soul Eater-
Maka and Crona
Black Star and Tsubaki
Stein and Marie
Kid and Liz
Soul and Patty

One Piece-
Luffy and Nami
Zoro and Robin
Sanji and Vivi
Usopp and Kaya
Chopper and Camilla (Heivais' OC)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood-
Edward and Winry
Alphonse and Mei
Roy and Risa
Ling and Lan Fan

Fairy Tail-
Natsu and Lucy
Gray and Juvia
Gajeel and Levy
Erza and Jellal
Happy and Carla

Avatar the last Airbender-
Aang and Katara
Sokka and Suki
Zuko and Mai

Many dear friends here have shaped me into the writer I am today. Where to start?

:iconxfangheartx: She was one of my first friends on this social group of artists. It was her stories that inspired me to pick up my pen (or more accurately my keyboard) and become a fanfiction writer myself. If it weren't for her I don't think I ever would have.

:iconhailenvy: Another old dear friend of mine. His spectacular art style and renditions of characters brings much to the imagination and his stories of Soul Eater (my favourite anime of all) were a great inspiration to me. For one he actually made a villain as evil as Medusa loving; that's not easy.

:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985: I've never met anyone like her. Her passionate shippings of Luffy and Nami and Zoro and Robin are some of the most loving I've ever read. The first time I saw such a long and detailed comment telling of every reaction to every passage I was blown away. And when she started gracing my own stories with her vast descriptive comments it truly made me feel that my work mattered and was worth while. Her comments are stories in and of themselves and are one of the things, besides my dear audience, that keep my passion of writing alive.

:iconhotspot0626: His stories truly encapsulate the meaning of a loving family as shown with Luffy, Nami and Mika. They always warm my heart and the conflicts the other characters face keep me engaged. His tellings of family have greatly inspired my own portrayals of it.

:iconego-man25: I may have not known his work for as long as others, but it is a style unlike any other I've seen. His use of meta and spontaneous crossover cameos are hilarious and creative and you never really know what he's gonna do next. He is the Deadpool of Deviantart.

:iconichirukivsichihime: She is like a little Sister to me and others here with a friendly and sweet nature. Her stories are well written and portray some wonderful tones (such as the tragedy of Rosemary's past). I truly love her work and look forward to more.

:iconmissamaterasu18: Her reviews of my work have kept me going and I truly value her company as it makes my work feel welcome here.

:iconedwinflores428: He peaked my curiosity and fascination with RP stories and his work always keeps the chracters in character. Additionally we both share a love of One Piece and Soul Eater which means we are able to compliment each others' work. The current story we are working on is a combination of both our writing styles resulting in something new which I value greatly.

:iconthe-ocean-sings: Her personality is sweet and soft which matches her stories tone along with her darling OC Nissa who I enjoy reading of very much.

:iconheivais: Truly have I never met an artists with such passion for her art. Her works are bursting with colour, life and creativity. And her comics have kept me excited, anxious, happy, sad, scared and many other emotions through their stories, characters like Eddie, Camila and Rudolf have always brought such joy to me and will continue to do so.

:iconjacksparrowlaplz: ~I've got a jar of dirt~
Sorry, i couldn't help myself ^^; :iconcarameldansenplz::icongrouphugplz:

CHEESE IT!!! :sprint:

:iconbummy1: :iconbummy2: :iconbummy3:
Bouncy Rainbow~!
Frame by Frame Project by Krissi001NaNoEmo - day 5 by Krissi001 leapfrog - NaNoEmo - day 6 by Krissi001Boom - NaNoEmo - day 26 by Krissi001
Cheerleading squad by CookiemagiK

Shinigami by Artja Shinigami-sama by Killer-suntan Shinigami gif by SoulKishin

What Soul Eater Character Are You?
What Soul Eater Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Straw Hat Pirate Are You?
What Straw Hat Pirate Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Fairy Tail Character Are You?
What Fairy Tail Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
Hosted By Anime

For those who fear hacker journals, here's a reassuring message i received from Deviantart staff member :iconrealitysquared:

'99% of the journals like that are based on hoaxes and don't have a single bit of truth to them. You can recognize them because they describe exactly what the "hacker" will do, provide time frames for them to do it in and otherwise give you super-specific details.

On the rare occasion that unauthorized access actually happens it's not a case of "hacking" in the way that these journals mean it- it's almost always a case of the account owner sharing their password. Whether they share it with friends who later decide that it would be "fun" to vandalize their account or they fall for some scam by someone who tricks them into revealing their password or changing it to a suggested "safe" password it's almost always bad security habits like that.

If you choose a smart password and never reveal it to anybody for any reason and follow common-sense online security habits the chances of anybody "hacking' your account are pretty slim to nil.'

Journal History

What happens when you cross one of my favourite cartoons with one of my favourite childhood games? Another reason to buy the new Crash Bandicoot Trilogy!! Time ot save up for a ps4.

Well nwo that we're into the new year, as you may ahve ntoiced I've been on a bit of a hiatus in the story department and while I can defintiely confirm the next updated story will be Pikmin Island I must ask you all, my friends and loyal readers, what do you want to see next from me. While I have no intention of quitting on my One Piece or Hidden Hands stories I'm looking to try some new stuff as well. So here are a few ideas I've had for new projects:

Soul Eater and Blue Exorcist crossover!- An unknown evil has destroyed the sealing gate of the Yokai, unleashing a horde of demons onto the world. Unfortuantely for the DWMA these aren't your typical beastly kishin eggs and some aren't even affected by their weapons. Thus Lord Death must call upon an old partner in crime: Mephisto Phelles and his squadron of upcoming exorcists. Rin, Yukio and the Exwires must band together with Maka and Co to find the one responsible for destroying the gate and reseal the threat of the yokai before the entirepopulace of the world is permanently possessed.

One Piece and Bioshock crossover!-
The Straw Hats stumble upon a mysterious subteranean city where they are promptly separated. Deep beneath the sea the crew discover an array of dark shut down government projects that rival the evil of Punk Hazard and Aika soon finds a new group of 'friends' who seem rather keen to invite her into their group.

Soul Eater! Circus of Madness!- People have been found with permanent grins on their faces and soon afterward break into fierce  acts of violence. Upon investigating the DWMA gang discover the source of the victims' behaviour: a sinister circus ran by an army of twisted beings of madness that call themselves 'Clowns'. It's up to our heroes to traverse the death threatening performances, ferocious freak shows and run the circus out of town or they may never know laughter the same way again.

Thats all I have for now but I'm open to suggestions fo stories you'd like to see from me. And I really must insist here if you enjoy my work please tell me what you'd like to see cause there's no point in starting a new story if nobody's going to read it.  Thank you everyone and I'm grateful for your support because all I want is to give my friends good stories to enjoy


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