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Mature content
Soul Eater X Blue Exorcist! Rise of the Yokai Ch3 :iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 4 20
Luffy Pear of Strawhatmanca by yellowpikmin88 Luffy Pear of Strawhatmanca :iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 2 4
A Pirate's Nightpear
As the sun rose over the horizon like any other morning, the Straw Hats awoke to the sweet smell of Sanji's gourmet breakfast which quickly drew the attention of Luffy followed by the rest of the crew soon after.
"Sure smells good Sanji. What are we having?" Aika asked as Sanji sauntered over to the table carrying several plates.
"It's a new recipe I'm trying with those fruits we harvested on the last island." he said as hepresented each crew member with a pear tart. "I call it Salamanca Tart."
"Actually, I think I'll pass." Nami spoke up. "I'm trying to cut down on the desserts for today."
"Well if that's what you want. I'll set it aside if you change your mind." Sanji said.
"Who cares what it's called let's eat!" Luffy grinned as he dug in. The others soon joined him fidning the tart to be rather tasty with a sweet aftertaste to compliment the spongy texture of the pastry.
After breakfast Nami decided to get to work on her maps and as she drew out the many contours she heard a kn
:iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 3 11
One Piece Songshot- Go the Distance
Night on the Thousand Sunny. The air is still and so are the waves and all the crew are asleep say for one. Usopp has watch tonight and though he's done it many times it's still just as boring as ever as most of his nights have had little to offer for the silence. As the sniper quietely patrols the deck rubbing his arms to stay warm, he stops to look out at the sea, the full moon bathing the Sunny in its glow. The sight of it is truly peaceful and somewhat moving as Usopp feels his mind wander, thinking about his home island, Kaya, Pepper, Carrot and Onion and the stories he hopes to tell them when he sees them again. The man himself hasn't stopped to think about it, but a fair few of his tall tales he used to tell Kaya aren't so impossible anymore such as hsi classic about the giant goldfish. Thinking about the epic exit from Little Garden leads him to think about his idols Brogy and Dorry and in turn his goal of seeing Elbaf where he hopes to learn from the greatest warriors of the s
:iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 7 42
Mature content
The Hidden Hands- Arc 1: Episode 5 Part 2 :iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 3 13
Mature content
One Piece! The Wonders of Pikmin Island! Ch.5 :iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 3 16
Mature content
Soul Eater X Blue Exorcist! Rise of the Yokai Ch2 :iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 4 41
Soul Eater X Blue Exorcist Opening- I Wish!
The opening begins on a battlefield panning up to a shot of Maka and Rin with their backs to us, the latter engulfed in blue flames and the former surrounded by her wavelength. The pair turn to face the camera with determined glares.

Everybody Jump Up Everybody Hands Up
Everybody Jump Up Everybody Hands Up

The title fades in in front of the sky.
BIRU no ue kakeagatte machi wo mioro shite miru
Hana no you ni kasa ga saku KARAFURU na sekai
(Quickly ascending a skyscraper
I reached the top, and see a brand new world
So full of color and some umbrellas blooming like a pretty flower)

We see DWMA gang and the Exwires waving goodbye to someone. As the camera pans out it's revealed to be Mark, Will, Juliet, Mifune and Angela they're waving at as the group fade away leaving the kids to look out over the city waiting for them to return. The camera pans up to the sky which changes from blue to beign engulfed in red and black clouds.
Yuutsu na ame no hi mo shiawase no tane hitots
:iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 5 7
Soul Eater X Blue Exorcist!- Rise of the Yokai Ch1
Turkmenistan, Central Asia. In the middle of the Karakum Desert lies a Shinto Shrine surrounded by a ring of tall red Torii gates. Now in most cases, one would consider this holy ground, but not in this case, no. This was in actuality a sealing shrine, one that had stood for centuries and never once fallen. But that fact would soon be broken on this night as a cloaked figure was pacing through the cold dunes of sand toward the shrine until they approached the biggest Torii which served as the entrance. The figure then raised their hand and whispered a few sentences of tongues as a wall of sparking light appeared within the gateway which bore a large symbol of four diamonds each placed at one of the corners of a larger diamond which had a kanji for 'Yokai' on it. The light jolted and blurred before it shattered like a pane of glass as the figure stepped through the Torii and into the shrine at the centre of the circle. They took a deep breath before placing their hands together, lacing
:iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 7 28
Mature content
The Hidden Hands- Arc 1: Episode 5 part 1 :iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 3 13
Mature content
Fairy Tail: The Draco-Pony Conflict Chapter 14 :iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 1 3
Hidden Hands Voice Cast
Here are a list of voice actor's I imagine my characters from Hidden Hands to sound like. Also I won't just be including anime actors. There'll be some western ones too, from cartoons and maybe a video game or two. Look up footage of the characters for each actor to know how they sound if you haven't heard them before. But if you already have voices in mind you don't have to look these up, I just wanted to get my thoughts out:
Twig- Jack DeSena (Sokka from Avatar)
Hugo- Yuri Lowenthal (Simon from Gurren Lagann)
Caesar- Lindsay Seidel (Nagisa from Assassination Classroom)
Amy- Alyson Stoner (Isabella from Phineas and Ferb)
Lotus- Seth Rogan (Mantis from Kung Fu Panda)
Pete- Levi Stubbs (Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors)
Lily- Cherami Leigh (Lucy from Fairy Tail)
Rhett- Micah Solusod (Soul from Soul Eater)
Peri- Max Casella (Daxter from Jak and Daxter)
Fletcher- Jason Bateman (Nick from Zootopia)
Evangelyne- Laura Bailey (Maka from Soul Eater)
Lisa- Kristen Schall (Mabel from
:iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 3 7
Six Feather Chronicles: Love of the Sea Part 3
Morning soon arrived and as Katherine got up to check on her youngest siblings she was surprised to only find Vanellope in her sleeping bag and Kutaro's empty with only a turban remaining.
"Everyone! Wake up!" she shouted startling the rest of the team awake.
"Kat you KNOW I don't like being woken up early on Saturday mornings!" Arya glared through her half-lidded eyes.
"I can't find Kutaro! His bed was empty and his turban's still here."
"Hey calm down. Maybe he just went out for a spin on his jetpack." Jason assumed. only for Katherine to pick up his utility belt which still had his ocarina and shrunken jetpack, Firefly attached to it. "Ok, maybe a walk."
"Guys it's not like him to just go off on his own without telling us. I'm starting to worry." Katherine muttered.
"Look let's not panic. If it'll help you calm down, I'll just have Rolo locate him." Logan reassured before he summoned the Night Imp from his ocarina.
"Well, well. Bright and early today are we? We're really gonna savou
:iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 1 0
Mature content
Six Feather Chronicles: Love of the Sea Part 2 :iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 2 13
Mature content
Six Feather Chronicles: Love of the Sea Part 1 :iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 2 4
Hidden Hands Ending- Sugar Song and Bitter Step
The ending is set on a stage before a red curtain where we see a spotlight illuminating a circle of the backdrop.
Chou tenpenchii mitai na kyousou ni mo nare te
Konna nichijou wo heiwa to mimachigau

(Accustomed to the cataclysmic madness,
I mistake my daily life for peace)

We see Hugo, wearing a fedora tapping his foot casually before switching to kicking it out slightly and then to bending his knees in rhythm.
Ranburingu kousutaa
Yusaburare nagara miushinae nai mono wa nanda?

(As this rambling coaster jolts me back and forth,
what is it that I mustn't lose sight of?)

We then switch to Twig who's cheerfully shuffling about the stage with his familiar, Rita the Alola Meowth running around his feet before climbing up to sit on his head.
This is followed by Caesar snapping his fingers with his back to Evangelyne before he turns around and offers his h
:iconyellowpikmin88:yellowpikmin88 3 9

Random Favourites

Pokemon Party by Kexell Pokemon Party :iconkexell:Kexell 257 48 the alpha pokemon by the-speed-demon the alpha pokemon :iconthe-speed-demon:the-speed-demon 1,937 263 Don't Forget by artisticyeh001 Don't Forget :iconartisticyeh001:artisticyeh001 6,648 1,832 Pokemon Team by Hndz Pokemon Team :iconhndz:Hndz 294 93 Deko and Rakana (Dragon Form/First Draft) by Kagashira Deko and Rakana (Dragon Form/First Draft) :iconkagashira:Kagashira 3 12 Wendy Dragon Force by claudiadragneel Wendy Dragon Force :iconclaudiadragneel:claudiadragneel 324 13
Mature content
Soul Eater - Opposites Attract: Chapter 20 :iconkagashira:Kagashira 2 5
Mature content
Fairy Tail! The Draco-Pony Conflict Ch. 13 :iconedwinflores428:edwinflores428 1 3
Pure Love by wild-cobragirl Pure Love :iconwild-cobragirl:wild-cobragirl 126 26 Watermelons by xa-xa-xa Watermelons :iconxa-xa-xa:xa-xa-xa 1,882 48 AJ vs Big Mac by mysticalpha AJ vs Big Mac :iconmysticalpha:mysticalpha 596 39
Sonic Adventure- Ch. 4
Ch. 4- Ice Cold Experiences
"Unh...five more minutes..." Sonic muttered as his eyes blinked open.
"...Sonic, someone's selling chilidogs." Tails said, leaning over Sonic.
"WHERE?!" Sonic asked as he sat up. "Wait, what happened?"
"Eggman jumped us," Tails answered. "That, and there's a chilidog stand right over there."
Sonic looked over and saw a chili dog vendor, causing his stomach to growl inexplicably.
Tails was carrying a blue key of sorts. "So we lost a Chaos Emerald, but I found this key in the alley.  Wonder where it leads to..."
"I wonder too." Sonic replied before turning to the chili-dog stand guy. "Two chili-dogs to go!"
"With or without cheese?" The stand guy asked.
"One with extra cheese for my bud here," Sonic said, pointing to Tails.
"You guys look like you went through the pits...!" The stand guy said, upon taking a closer look.
"You have NO idea..." Tails replied.
"On the house." The stand guy said.
:iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 3 68
One Piece Prompts- Storms
One Piece Prompts: Storms
 It was a dark and stormy night in the New World. Nothing too out of the ordinary, just a regular thunderstorm with the occasional lightning bolts. On the Thousand Sunny, the Straw Hats are curled up in their beds, trying to ride out the storm and sleep peacefully. Only Usopp and Sanji were awake, keeping watch in case things got too rough, thus they would wake Nami so they could sail to calmer waters.
 “Some storm, huh?” Sanji asked as he looked out the window.
 “Yeah,” Usopp replied, “but the only thing louder than the thunder is Luffy’s snoring.”
 Sanji couldn’t help snickering at this.
 As the Straw Hats slept, however…one of their youngest members was wide awake, trembling in bed: one Monkey D. Aika, who hid under the covers as she trembled with fright. Nearby, Kumi snored softly as she lied curled up in her bed, the sound of the thunder in the clouds going on completely unhear
:iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 15 44
F.U.S.E Corp Special: Taliezo by Dragonith F.U.S.E Corp Special: Taliezo :icondragonith:Dragonith 544 33 I don't recognize are new? by hopelessromantic721 I don't recognize are new? :iconhopelessromantic721:hopelessromantic721 173 21 Carrot and Nami by MavisHdz Carrot and Nami :iconmavishdz:MavisHdz 104 3





yellowpikmin88's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I'm 22 years old.
I'm an atheist (only because I'm a man of science, i once studied biology). I also consider myself an Otaku: a person with a great fondness for manga and anime (mostly the latter). I also love to write stories, mainly fiction. :work:

My favourite things are:
Video games
Designing (the subject I'm studying at college)
Art (both on and off Deviantart)

My least favourite things are:

Bullies :iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz: I'll send them all flying

People who treat animals as a lower species (poachers, animal abusers, experimentalists ect.)
Impostors (after what happened to my good friend :iconxfangheartx:

My favourite animes are:
Soul Eater :iconmakaplz::iconsoulsmirkplz::iconcronahugplz::iconhappyragnarokplz::iconbstarnowantplz::icontsubakiplz::iconpweaseplz::iconsillypattyplz::iconlizthompsonplz::iconshinigamiwhutplz::iconsteinhugsplz::iconexcaliburfoolplz:

One Piece :iconnwluffyplz::iconnwzoroplz::iconnwnamiplz::iconnwusoppplz::iconnwsanjiplz::iconnwchopperplz::iconnwrobinplz::iconnwfrankyplz::iconnwbrookplz:
Fma brotherhood :iconedplz::iconalphonseelric-plz::iconangrywinryplz::iconroylovesdogsplz::iconlingreedplz::iconenvyplz:

Fairy Tail :iconnatsuplz::iconhappy-aiplz::iconlucyheartphiliaplz::icongray-fullbusterplz::iconerzaplz::iconwendymarvell2plz::icongajeelplz:



My favourite anime pairings are:

Soul Eater-
Maka and Crona
Black Star and Tsubaki
Stein and Marie
Kid and Liz
Soul and Patty

One Piece-
Luffy and Nami
Zoro and Robin
Sanji and Vivi
Usopp and Kaya
Chopper and Camilla (Heivais' OC)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood-
Edward and Winry
Alphonse and Mei
Roy and Risa
Ling and Lan Fan

Fairy Tail-
Natsu and Lucy
Gray and Juvia
Gajeel and Levy
Erza and Jellal
Happy and Carla

Avatar the last Airbender-
Aang and Katara
Sokka and Suki
Zuko and Mai

Many dear friends here have shaped me into the writer I am today. Where to start?

:iconxfangheartx: She was one of my first friends on this social group of artists. It was her stories that inspired me to pick up my pen (or more accurately my keyboard) and become a fanfiction writer myself. If it weren't for her I don't think I ever would have.

:iconhailenvy: Another old dear friend of mine. His spectacular art style and renditions of characters brings much to the imagination and his stories of Soul Eater (my favourite anime of all) were a great inspiration to me. For one he actually made a villain as evil as Medusa loving; that's not easy.

:iconmoonlitinuyasha1985: I've never met anyone like her. Her passionate shippings of Luffy and Nami and Zoro and Robin are some of the most loving I've ever read. The first time I saw such a long and detailed comment telling of every reaction to every passage I was blown away. And when she started gracing my own stories with her vast descriptive comments it truly made me feel that my work mattered and was worth while. Her comments are stories in and of themselves and are one of the things, besides my dear audience, that keep my passion of writing alive.

:iconhotspot0626: His stories truly encapsulate the meaning of a loving family as shown with Luffy, Nami and Mika. They always warm my heart and the conflicts the other characters face keep me engaged. His tellings of family have greatly inspired my own portrayals of it.

:iconego-man25: I may have not known his work for as long as others, but it is a style unlike any other I've seen. His use of meta and spontaneous crossover cameos are hilarious and creative and you never really know what he's gonna do next. He is the Deadpool of Deviantart.

:iconichirukivsichihime: She is like a little Sister to me and others here with a friendly and sweet nature. Her stories are well written and portray some wonderful tones (such as the tragedy of Rosemary's past). I truly love her work and look forward to more.

:iconmissamaterasu18: Her reviews of my work have kept me going and I truly value her company as it makes my work feel welcome here.

:iconedwinflores428: He peaked my curiosity and fascination with RP stories and his work always keeps the chracters in character. Additionally we both share a love of One Piece and Soul Eater which means we are able to compliment each others' work. The current story we are working on is a combination of both our writing styles resulting in something new which I value greatly.

:iconthe-ocean-sings: Her personality is sweet and soft which matches her stories tone along with her darling OC Nissa who I enjoy reading of very much.

:iconheivais: Truly have I never met an artists with such passion for her art. Her works are bursting with colour, life and creativity. And her comics have kept me excited, anxious, happy, sad, scared and many other emotions through their stories, characters like Eddie, Camila and Rudolf have always brought such joy to me and will continue to do so.

:iconjacksparrowlaplz: ~I've got a jar of dirt~
Sorry, i couldn't help myself ^^; :iconcarameldansenplz::icongrouphugplz:

CHEESE IT!!! :sprint:

:iconbummy1: :iconbummy2: :iconbummy3:
Bouncy Rainbow~!
Frame by Frame Project by Krissi001NaNoEmo - day 5 by Krissi001 leapfrog - NaNoEmo - day 6 by Krissi001Boom - NaNoEmo - day 26 by Krissi001
Cheerleading squad by CookiemagiK

Shinigami by Artja Shinigami-sama by Killer-suntan Shinigami gif by SoulKishin

What Soul Eater Character Are You?
What Soul Eater Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Straw Hat Pirate Are You?
What Straw Hat Pirate Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Fairy Tail Character Are You?
What Fairy Tail Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
Hosted By Anime

For those who fear hacker journals, here's a reassuring message i received from Deviantart staff member :iconrealitysquared:

'99% of the journals like that are based on hoaxes and don't have a single bit of truth to them. You can recognize them because they describe exactly what the "hacker" will do, provide time frames for them to do it in and otherwise give you super-specific details.

On the rare occasion that unauthorized access actually happens it's not a case of "hacking" in the way that these journals mean it- it's almost always a case of the account owner sharing their password. Whether they share it with friends who later decide that it would be "fun" to vandalize their account or they fall for some scam by someone who tricks them into revealing their password or changing it to a suggested "safe" password it's almost always bad security habits like that.

If you choose a smart password and never reveal it to anybody for any reason and follow common-sense online security habits the chances of anybody "hacking' your account are pretty slim to nil.'

Journal History

So I've been thinking guys. Since XfangheartX's Zelda story has been taking off so well, I feel it may be time for me to try out a new fandom myself. No know this does not mean I'm quitting on One Piece, Soul Eater or Pokemon, I'm just adding something new to the mix. And so, I've decided to write about one of my enw favourite cartoons: THE LOUD HOUSE!

Ever since the cartoon came around it was like a breath of wild life (Get it, Fang? The Jester Approves ) for Nickelodeon after the dark age they went through of old spongebob, fatass ducks and farting snakes Utter Disgust/Ultimate Cringe Face eeeugh! But this was something great, with its fast paced comedy, memorable and enjoyable characters and engaging stories of both the struggles and joys of family. The fact that the show is willing to involve quarrels and fights but never forgets how the siblings are there for each other in the long run makes them more relatable and fun to watch. And as some of you may know I'm a sucker for stories about family and friends so I feel this show will make for some great stories from me. I'll start off with oneshots but I'll get to multi chaptered stories eventually.

Here are a few ideas I've had so far:

(Takes place after the episode 'Sleuth or Consequence') When the Sisters go to the annual Comic con with Lincoln and Clyde to see the unveiling of the new Ace Savvy comic they were featured in, Lucy finds out her secret favourite comic, Princess Pony, is screening a premiere of its brand new animated series at the con. But with all her sisters there she's worried her secret will get out. Can she catch the screening in time and in secret?

Punch Out
(Takes place after 'Loudest Yard') After getting the snot beaten out of him for throwing the game, Lincoln begins to doubt his ability of following through. But Lynn is determined to renew her brother's lost confidence and decides to introduce him to boxing.

Badge-ring Aid
Lana and Lola are out to achieve the last bluebell scout badge required to make it to the next rank; aiding the elderly. The only condition is no relatives which only leaves the twins with their grumpy neighbour Mr Grouse. The twins are determiend to find some way to aid the cranky old man or they may never reach the next rank.

Luna's first gig at a music festival ends in disaster when her guitar is destroyed in an encore. The loss of her favourite axe drives a wedge between her and her muse. It's up to the siblings to help their rockstar sister find her spark again.

Whats new Pussycat?
The McBride cat, Cleopawtra, has a surprise litter with the Loud cat, Clif, leaving Lincoln and Clyde to deal with a cluster of kittens that may be more out of control than the sisters.

Five Hours at Flip's (A.N.- I know the pun's atrocious but that's Loud House for ya)
There are rumours brewing that Flip's Food n' Fuel is haunted with the ghosts of dissatisfied customers. And with an upcoming AAARGH video contest, Lincoln decides to lead his first paranormal investigation in the hopes to win.

Loud House of Horror I
The Loud House rendition of famous horror movies paying homage to Treehouse of Horror.

Fun on the Bun Bun
When Lincoln finds Lily playing with Bun Bun, he thinks back to when he first got his stuffed rabbit and the 'adventures' the two of them had. (A.N- Think of it like a Loud House rendition of Calvin and Hobbes or Winnie the Pooh)

Cirque Du Bruyant
The circus is coming to Royal Woods, but when a storm postpones the event, Luan decides to organise her own circus to cheer up the town.

That's all for now but more ideas will come I'm sure. So what do you think? Should I start writing for this fandom and if you want to see it, which story would you like first?

EDIT: Came up with some more ideas. Tell me your thoughts 
for those whoa re wodnerign where the new Pikmin Island, Soul Eater x Blue Exorcist or Hidden Hands is at, I apologise that production has been slow. My final university assignment is nearing its deadline and so I have to slow down my stories. I'll try and look for windows however I can, but it'll all be over on May 4th when my project is due.


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Donkenobi1995 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017
One Piece 863:

On the Last Piece of One Piece (4Kids Reference. Couldn't Resist): Phase One of Yonko Assassination Plan: Proceed with wedding until big reveal of Bride's Secret. Results: Check

Phase Two: Dodge the Gunshot from Bride. Results: Check (Bonus Points for dodging commander shot)


Phase Three: Big Entrance of Straw Hat. Results: Check (Planting Mirror inside cake with mirror clones of Luffy was his plan all along)

Phase Four: Proceed to destroy Carmel's photo. Results: Do I Even Have To Say It.
One Piece 862:

This is going to be sweet, figuratively and literally.

We have Sanji, who dodged the bullet, as planned, and the first thing Luffy did was getting his first bit on the wedding cake.

I was happy as Tom from Tom & Jerry when he got A Million Dollars.

Although, I was surprised that Pudding, of all people, have it even more rough than Sanji in regards to that third eye of hers.

Nonetheless, This chapter was fun to read, and it will only get better next week before Golden Week starts.
yellowpikmin88 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist Writer

That was incredible dodging a jellybean shot by a guy who can see five seconds into the future

I would have disagree there. Her sobstory I felt to be rushed a cliched (the whole she's different so she's a monster story was done way ebtter with Chopper) and doesn't hold a candle to the tragedy Sanji was put through as a child.

I'm actually disappointed in that regard. Oda had built Pudding up to be a cold hearted manipulative evil villain and he jsut threw it all away on a sob story that lasted one page. A complete waste of evil.
Ego-Man25 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
So, long shot, but I don't suppose you've been checking out my Alolan Trial stories, have you?
yellowpikmin88 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I've been tryign to find an opportunity to read it. See my course in it's final few weeks so I've had to slow down. But don't worry I've kept it saved in my notificatiosn so  I won't lose it. I am going to read it.
KarasuTenguProyectos Featured By Owner Edited Apr 6, 2017  Student General Artist

Thanks for the watch!! :la:

If you're interested I make commissions too :D

FetStation Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  New Deviant
Thank you for the watch! :D
yellowpikmin88 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome
chaoscontrolmaster Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017
Great, now we have to wait two weeks for next chapter. And we will only get two more chapters after that because Golden Week coming…
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